I’ve attended SurfForce 2018 and was awesome, here’s why.


This has been the second Salesforce event that I’ve attended, and I’m getting to the conclusion that the community events like SurfForce are a fantastic opportunity that everyone should take.
My journey to SurfForce started when I saw the Twitter post from @SurfForce giving the dates and the location. I decided to go. I then sorted out the logistic: the holidays from work, B&B and of course the ticket for the event. It was in April.

Thursday 12th of July

time to go… long trip driving from Harrogate to Newquay with the car. Dedication? Craziness? You chose…
Arrived in Newquay in the evening I went around to have a taste of the beauty around Newquay.


Friday 13th of July

surfing time… 😀

Hold on… that is the same beach of yesterday… the rock with the house on top… where the water went? I never saw a tide like that…

WhatsApp Image 2018-07-14 at 07.58.19.jpeg
The surfing was super fun, but first …. let’s help Surfers Against Sewage to keep the beach clean.

WhatsApp Image 2018-07-14 at 07.57.18.jpeg
During the dinner three fantastic inspirational talks from
SOPHIE HELLYER @sophiehellyer
NATALIE FEE @nataliefee

WhatsApp Image 2018-07-19 at 14.01.50.jpeg
They brought their passion and love for the ocean and the environment and their dedication on how they fight day by day against plastic pollutions.

Saturday 14th

Talks time:

Laura Walker told us how you can make your data ready for the AI

Paul Harris gave us some tips on how to have a successful project delivered

Michaela Grill the Salesforce Employee Resource Group “Earthforce” leader in London told us how to inspire EMPLOYEES TO DRIVE POSITIVE ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT

Barry Roberts from Bluewolf explained How to reduce costs and help the environment with Field Service Lightning

Alberto Fernàndez and Francisco Porras from FinancialForce gave us a fascinating overview of the Developer console and how to use it in Admin tasks

Rob Fay demonstrate how the Platform Events lead to a new architecture of Salesforce solutions

Carl Dempsey the Vice President, Solution Engineering, EMEA at Salesforce showcased the story of an early adopter of Einstein Vision

Tzhe’ela Trooper described the use of Einstein for the NonProfit Organizations

Patrick Schwarz from Sapient I7 demonstrate how to take care of the candidate engagement using Salesforce

Will Coleman, the Director of Experiential Marketing EMEA at Salesforce.org, talked about his commitment to helping the ocean

Finally a fantastic presentation from Carl Dempsey and Charlie Isaacs the VP and CTO for Customer Connection at SalesForce.
A Genious orchestration of Heroku, Platform Events, Einstein Vision and FLS.
Spot littered beaches using pictures from drones, analyse them with Einstein Vision and coordinate the volunteers with FLS.

SurfForce Plastic pledge

The organizers asked us to do a little plastic pledge. Giving up on the use of some plastic to improve our impact on Mother Hearth. They gave us some suggestions, and what I found that in a way I was already doing my bit without realising.

WhatsApp Image 2018-07-20 at 08.50.07

I normally use a RocketBook to take my notes and sketches. It’s a magic notepad, you write on it with a pen that is erasable by friction, you can clean the whole page with a wet wipe. You need to save your work, no problem: take a picture with the App and that will send automatically to an email address, slack, Evernote, Dropbox, OneDrive and many others. No more trees will die to host my awful handwriting

I love Salesforce’s water bottles, I just use all the time, at the gym, going out on the motorbike.

I switched to soap bars. That reduces the number of plastic bottles, and I’m a #BaldForce member so no shampoos for me 😀 .


What have I learned from SurfForce?

  • There is a lot to do for our environment and everyone should keep in mind that :
  • We Do Not Inherit the Earth from Our Ancestors; We Borrow It from Our Children
  • Little changes in our lifestyle can have greats benefit
  • without knowing I was already doing my bit, but I can do better.
  • I’m a terrible photographer

For me, events like SurfForce are a fantastic opportunity to make new friends, talk about ideas for a future meetup find old friends.
SurfForce is a bit more, the weather, the surfing…
SurfForce it was a kind of intimate event, and you can have the time and the opportunity to speak with almost everyone, remember and be remembered by everyone.

To Shaun, Kerry, Scott, Marcelle and Mick many many thanks for organising that and see you all next year.


Screen Shot 2018-07-20 at 08.34.39.png

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